We will be hosting an Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt!

The first clue revealing the first destination will be posted on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure you’re following us! You can also use the hashtag #CodebreakersEasterHunt to follow along!

Number of players per group: 1 – 4 people


It will take place on SaturdayMarch 31, 2018, 12 pm – 1 pm.


The main goal is to follow the clues on the eggs which will show you where the Codebreakers staff is hiding,  which is somewhere between Carlsbad and Oceanside, CA.


Arrive at the destination where the Codebreakers staff is hiding and win a prize!

What’s the prize?

Everybody wins a prize! The winners will get free tickets to our live Escape Room while the second place winners will get IQ Puzzles! The rest will get some candy and pocket-sized games.
You must have a mode of transportation. Clues will be scattered around Carlsbad and Oceanside, California.

Please RSVP to save your spot! Everyone is guaranteed a prize!
During the event, please use the hashtag #CodebreakersEasterHunt when posting so we can find and respond to your post!

Things you need to know

1. You must have a mode of transportation. The clues will be hidden somewhere in the Carlsbad-Oceanside area.

2. Wear comfortable clothing. Walking is involved!

3. Please RSVP your spot by going here. People who do not RSVP may not be able to receive a prize. Prizes are limited.

4. There can only be 1-4 players per group.

Next Steps

Are you interested in joining? Great! Here is what you need to do now.

1. Get your free tickets by going to this Facebook Event or registering on Eventbrite.

2. Make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

3. Stay tuned to know where the first clue is. (You can also watch the hashtag #CodebreakersEasterHunt to find more about the conversation)

4. Arrive at the first destination on March 31st 12 pm.

5. Follow the clues!