Escape The Time Machine 2

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This is the second part of the time machine series. You have fond memories of the smell from fresh pies baking at your favorite diner. You gathered there with friends and family to enjoy the daily specials and listen to your favorite songs on the jukebox. Rumors circulated that customers were disappearing when making phone calls, but you ignored them, until one fateful day.
Now here you are with your friends and you have decided to sneak in, after hours, and attempt to unlock the mysterious inside that old phone booth. Are the rumors about a hidden time-machine true?

Medium – Difficult Level

3 – 10 players

60 minutes of action-packed, puzzle solving FUN!

$30 individual


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My boyfriend and I were here today to play Time Machine and were very impressed! We’ve done roughly 30 escape rooms so far and loved this one! There were amazing themes throughout the room and we absolutely loved the amount of work that was put into the decor. We will be returning as soon as possible to complete the Atlantis room because of how much we loved Codebreakers!

kirby testimonial time machine escape roomKirby T

We had a really fun time. We enjoyed the theme of the 50’s and the challenges in the diner. The time machine itself was really cool. Overall I would definitely recommend.

bryan testimonial time machine escape roomBryan D

This was our first escape room experience and we loved it!! ¬†There were 9 of us and we did Escape from the Time Machine. ¬†The staff was great! ¬†Super friendly and informative. ¬†The game itself was really fun! ¬†There were lots of things to do to keep all of us busy. ¬†It was very challenging, but not too challenging that it was frustrating. ¬†We can’t wait to come back for the next game!!!

erin testimonial time machine escape roomErin P