Birthday Parties

Come celebrate your special day by playing a room in Codebreakers! We’ll have balloons, stickers, and props for you as well as a group photo for this memorable experience!

Team Building

Do you have a business and are trying to look for things to do for team-building? Our puzzles are perfect for your employees as they require communication and teamwork to be solved. You’ll sure to find out more about your employees all the while having fun!

Bible Study Groups

Bible study is fun but sometimes it’s nice to spend time with your friends outside of bible study. Our escape rooms are family-friendly which you’ll find enjoyable. Come try one of our rooms today!

Youth Groups

Have the kids get closer and learn to socialize and communicate with each other with this fun, safe, activity.  They’re sure to enjoy this memorable activity with their peers!

Sports Groups

Instead of using your body why not use your wits too? Gather your sports team and play an adventure at one of our escape rooms for another day of fun!

Date Night

Tired of going to the movies or bars? Are you going on a first date? Codebreakers welcome couples who are up for a unique experience.  Playing an escape room requires communication which will definitely be the ice breaker for your date. Do you have what it takes to escape our room?

What event are you celebrating?