Your birthday party experience begins with a story and a mission for you & your guests where excitement builds as your group enters the game for fun entertainment and bonding experience.  You will have unforgettable ah-ha moments when everyone solves a puzzle and game together.

We provide elaborate sets provide a quality environment enjoyable for all guests to easily feel the mood to interact with each other. Experienced game masters designed to offer that unique fun birthday.

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We will create a lasting memory of your special day with friends and family members.  After completing the game, your family and friends will gather together, and we will provide birthday props so that the special moment can be captured in pictures.

We are located in a shopping plaza with plenty of parking for all your guests.

The shopping plaza has a variety of restaurants to choose from if you decide everyone should meet up for food and drinks before or after your escape game.

Birthday Packages

Teen Birthday

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Adult Birthday

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Family Birthday

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Don’t forget to ask your GameMaster for your special birthday clue!

Have special requests? We’ll accommodate you!

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