Want to experience a unique celebration?

Codebreakers escape rooms offer immersive escape room experiences for your family and friends. It’s perfect for holiday parties with different ages a like. Our rooms are cozy and well-lit unlike other escape rooms, which make the best enivornment to hold your holiday party.

Holiday Party-friendly Escape rooms

You have two different themes to choose from. Choose one and watch the video to see which room is suitable for your holiday party guests!

For Your Festive Escape Room Experience

What makes CODEBREAKERS your festive escape room experience? While most escape rooms
offer mind-boggling puzzles, we are known to challenge minds but not frustrate you. How you
ask? Our elaborately decorative & immersive escape rooms will hone your investigative skills and
will stimulate your imagination.


Escape Rooms Perfect for your Holiday Party

Escape The Time Machine 2

Travel back in an abandoned diner, enjoy your eggnog and
experience the 50’s. Don’t get trapped. Beat the clock and escape the time machine.


Atlantis Treasure Hunt

Journey aboard the pirate ship and look for the lost city of Atlantis.
Discover hidden treasure maps and decipher clues to find the treasure before the pirates
find you.


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