My first escape room experience was in Carlsbad, CA.  Now, there are about twenty escape rooms in the North County area of San Diego and seems like more rooms are opening.  The San Diego county area has well over 50 escape rooms, the only issue is going to be traffic. So, my willingness to go through traffic is limited but at least the traffic is mostly better on the weekends and I don’t find much traffic in the afternoon hours.

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If you haven’t ever played an escape room game, your first escape room game experience can be quite perplexing as to how you actually play the game.  There are many different varieties of escape room themes and plots so be careful to choose a room that suits your style. Like most things in life when you keep trying and playing more escape room games, the better you will become and you will start looking for more challenging games.

Below I have listed some tips to assist you with your first escape room game experience:

Work Together

Escape room games are similar to board games and puzzles except that normally you are not teaming up with other people.  Usually, in a board game, you are playing as an individual competing against other family members or friends to win the game.  The mission is for your team to get out of the escape room game in less than sixty minutes with no hints or clues. So, working together as a team can be more effective to winning.

tips in escape rooms

Manage Puzzle Items

Keeping organized will greatly enhance your chances of successfully completing all the puzzles in the 60 minute time frame.  Once you complete a puzzle it’s best to put aside the completed puzzle game and move to the next challenge. Keys that open locks should remain in those locks so that other teammates don’t waste time on puzzles already solved.  Moving items together usually is not advantageous because most of the games are right where they are supposed to be.

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Divide and Conquer in your initial Search of the Room

Look for obvious things in the room like objects on walls which are in some kind of order.  As you are searching the room tell everyone in the room what you are finding. By scouring the room with all your teammates you will be able to see more details and what is important to work on.  When a teammate finds a tool or black light make sure you tell everyone on your team you found them because you may not know what your teammates have encountered in the room which could be helpful.

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Don’t get bogged down

Escape room games are meant to be challenging and fun at the same time, but sometimes no matter how much brain power is within your team one puzzle can remain perplexing to the group of players.  Ask your Gamemaster for a hint or a clue to get you through a perplexing situation. There will be many games and puzzles to solve without hints or clues. Your experience will be much more fun and exciting if you don’t get frustrated on a particular puzzle.  The Gamemaster will help guide you to having fun and keep you moving along because their mission is to make sure your team has fun.

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Be Positive and Energetic

You will get many aha moments when you solve the puzzles and games.  Staying positive will increase your brain power and help energize you mentally.  Keeping searching and trying things because you are going to guess wrong occasionally but that is part of the fun.  Figuring out the right sequence of the word locks or the numbers on the lock are not in the right order will make you turn up your brain power and work through the escape room challenges.

tips in escape rooms

Did these tips help you? Are there any tips that you think I may have missed? Comment your thoughts below.