An escape room can offer an alternative way to experience fun as an individual or group as opposed to being glued to the screen of having to go for to physically experience a challenge. In a nutshell, the games involve a room styled to suit a certain theme where the players are locked in and they have to break out mostly within a set time period.

If it sounds crazy that anyone would pay to be locked in a room from which he or she will be trying to break out, you are yet to grasp the full context of an escape room, so read on and see where the fun is.

How it works and who can play it

Escape room games are for everyone from teenagers, adults and the old. Usually, they are targeted for groups ranging from two to twelve.

Team members are briefed by a guide regarding their challenge and rules and once they are familiar with their surroundings, the guide leaves them and they are locked in the room. They have a set amount of time to locate clues in the room that would help them unlock the door before the time elapses.

Communication and a sharp working mind are important and as the clock ticks, the adrenaline levels increase. Anyone looking for a bonding session and experience in working under pressure will find great joy in these games.

Themes and puzzles

Most escape room companies offer several themes to suit different tastes. From popular fiction like Indiana Jones or Harry Potter to crime thriller settings like a ticking time bomb or espionage.

You also have themes around kidnappings, hostage situations, prison, pirates, haunted houses, and zombies. The decoration is such that these themes appear real and add to the scary effect and the thrill. You have to break codes and solve puzzles in order to beat the clock and get out.

The puzzles reflect the ideas in the themes and are usually set to be challenging. It could be hidden objects, a different use of a tool in the room, using light or switching it off, looking for symbols and decoding them, assembling a tool you will use to get out and identifying patterns among other clues.

However, should you be stuck or need assistance, you can always ask for a hint as there are employers watching the unfolding action. In case panic gets the best of you or in an emergency situation, there is always an escape button to get you out of the room.

Why are escape rooms popular?

Escape room games were adopted from the video games and they became popular largely with the need for a game that is both physical and social but still having the challenge of video games.

For companies, dates and friend parties, the escape room games fulfill much of their needs and their novelty is something that many find attractive. In some cases, the quickest times set by previous groups are also highlighted and for those who are highly competitive, the knowledge that you could set a quick time that will stay for long adds to the inspiration.

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Aurora is an escape room enthusiast who has played more than 25+ rooms. The very first room she played was Escape The Time Machine here at Codebreakers. During her free time, she likes to practice her Kung Fu, play solitaire on her iPad, or read articles online.