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Codebreakers Escape Rooms want you to share our passion for puzzles.  Whether you are 13 or 70, you will have fun challenging your brain with our puzzles and bonding with your family and friends.  Our elaborate game rooms capture your imagination and immerse you in the game.  Our large rooms are brightly lit and full of intriguing details.  Our game themes are perfect for families, co-workers, and friends, in small or large groups.

Are you fast enough to escape?


Your excitement builds, as the clock counts down. You and your team will have fun searching the room for clues and be thrilled by unexpected surprises.  You will use your investigative skills and work together to solve the puzzles and try to beat the 60-minute timer to escape the game-room.

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Here are some companies that have trusted us to host their team building events.

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What is an escape room?2018-06-27T13:45:39-07:00

Detailed Definition: What is an escape room?

Short version: It is an hour of entertainment in a themed room, where 4-10 other players become a team and work together to uncover clues, solve mental puzzles and find your way out of the room.

How many people can play?2018-06-27T13:47:31-07:00
Escape the Time Machine can hold up to 10 players
Atlantis Treasure Hunt can hold up to 8 players
Games can be arranged concurrently, by special appointment, for a total of 18 – 20 players.
Where are you located?2018-09-15T15:30:42-07:00

We are located within the El Camino North Plaza. We are right next to Wicked Poke and LA Fitness.

How many people can play a room?2018-09-15T15:31:24-07:00

Escape the Time Machine can hold up to 10 players

Atlantis Treasure Hunt can hold up to 8 players

Games can be arranged concurrently, by special appointment, for a total of 18 – 20 players.

How do we book?2018-09-15T15:36:27-07:00

You may go to the booking page and follow the prompts. You can also call us at 760-529-0882. Please have your credit card information handy.

Tickets can be purchased up to 1 hour ahead of the time you want to play, however, we recommend booking early to guarantee availability.

What is the cost per person?2019-08-31T20:10:56-07:00

Tickets cost per individual is $30 for both Atlantis Treasure Hunt and Time Machine 2. Please call or chat with us to see how much it is for booking the whole room!

What happens if we don’t finish in time?2018-09-15T15:39:44-07:00

You will remain trapped FOREVER.

What do we need to bring?2018-09-15T15:40:19-07:00

All you need to bring is yourself and your thinking caps!

What should I wear?2018-09-15T15:42:56-07:00

You should wear something comfortable. Ideal clothes would be something that can help you reach things.

Is there parking available?2018-09-15T15:43:33-07:00

Yes! There is plenty of parking available. We are located within El Camino North Plaza.

How long is the game?2018-09-15T15:32:16-07:00

Our games last about 60 minutes long.

Are any of Codebreakers Escape Rooms scary?2018-09-15T15:32:51-07:00

No, ours is a fun, safe atmosphere.

Is it claustrophobic?2018-09-15T15:33:37-07:00

No, our escape rooms are not claustrophobic. Our rooms are large and brightly lit, so they are comfortable.

Is there an age limit?2019-02-21T16:21:54-07:00

Our escape room is fun for most ages. However, it involves critical thinking skills that a younger child may not have. We recommend that children playing be at least 13 years old. Children who are under 15 must be accompanied by a parent.

For more questions about this, please call us or chat with us.

Will others be able to join our game?2018-09-15T15:35:31-07:00

The games are open for anyone to book until slots are full, or until 1 hour before game time. If you’d like to have a room to yourselves, we have private rooms available.

What are the rules of the games?2018-09-15T15:38:03-07:00

1 – Players must arrive 15 minutes prior to their reserved game time for orientation.

2 – Games begin on time. Players who arrive late will not be admitted into the game at the appointed time.

3 – There are no refunds for missed game times, however, we will do our best to offer you the next available time slot.

4 – Cell phones are not allowed. We have lockers available to store your belongings.

Are your tickets refundable or transferable?2018-09-15T15:39:09-07:00

We do not accept refunds. Although you may transfer them to a friend or family.  Please let us know in advance or bring the confirmation email with you when you arrive.

Are the rooms handicapped accessible?2018-09-15T15:41:11-07:00

Yes. Both Escape the Time Machine and Atlantis Treasure hunt are handicap accessible.

Can I bring my pet?2018-09-15T15:41:42-07:00

We welcome service animals. Although, pets of any kind are not allowed.

Can we bring food?2018-09-15T15:42:14-07:00

No food and drinks are allowed in the facility.

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